Focus Topic: Capacity Building

EURAMET has always encouraged cooperation and knowledge transfer among its members and associates to develop an integrated metrology system for Europe. Since 2011, EURAMET has solidified its focus on capacity building activities to improve the research and operational capabilities of its member institutes.

Using EMPIR research potential projects, human and institutional capacity building training courses and researcher mobility grants, EURAMET’s capacity building strategy has started to take shape. Explore EURAMET’s Capacity Building page and latest capacity building success stories to learn about the achievements of this initiative, as well as ongoing measures, the people behind it, and how to get involved.

News Highlights

World Environment Day 2020

Time for Nature & The Year of Biodiversity

World Environment Day: EURAMET research supports our understanding of the oceans

Environmental metrology research improves ocean data for climate monitoring and modelling

Southern summer bloom of phytoplankton as seen from space. Courtesy of ESA.
EMPIR project contributes to hospitals’ response to COVID-19

Metrology research helps hospitals to develop best practices and guidelines for new COVID-19 drug delivery measures

Infusion pump for drug delivery