International Metrology Congress 2019

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EMPIR Call 2019: Stage 1 OPEN!

EURAMET announces the launch of the 2019 call for the following topic areas within the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR):

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Normative
  • Research Potential
  • Support for Networks

Stage 1 of the call is for potential research topics and is open to any interested party. Deadline: 18 February 2019, 23:59 CET.  read more>>

News Highlights

EMPIR project develops improved telecommunications technology

Better time synchronisation enables improved service for mobile customers

Large fibre optical cables – ©
EMPIR project develops new silicon device and measurement guidelines

Company licences two patent applications; best practice guide available

Integrated microspectrometer in silicon photonics – Photo courtesy of VTT MIKES
4 February 2019 is World Cancer Day

EURAMET supports projects that advance research in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer